Who can use a miHealth?

The miHealth device is safe to use in "normal" circumstances. However, there are some situations where it should not be applied or caution should be used. 

It is suggested not to use the device with:

  • Cardio Stimulator (pace maker) 
  • Deep Brain Implants and other electrical implants
  • Mental disorders of a severe nature
  • Cardiac Fibrillation
  • During pregnancy (with the exception/approval of your healthcare professional)
  • Infants (less than five years of age unless suitably qualified to do so.)
  • Direct contact with open wounds
  • When charging
  • Around eyes, mouth or directly over the heart
  • Directly over metal implants 
  • Undiagnosed conditions of unknown origin
  • An allergy to stainless steel

Due to the electric nature of the device, it should not be applied in:

  • Wet conditions
  • When the device is connected to a computer or charger
  • If there is damage to the case, electrodes or if the device is malfunctioning in any way
  • The miHealth is for external use only 
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