How do I perform a scan?

You already downloaded NES Desktop Scanner Software, right? (if not, click here
1. Plug in scanner to a USB port. (If it says, "Scanner not detected." click on this link)
2. Open NES Desktop and click on “Remote Scan.”
3. Fill out the email and password.
a. The username for our account is your email.
b. Your default password is myersdetox, unless you have changed it. 
4. When device is detected, place hand on scanner, and click “Start Scan.”
  • If the scan is for an animal, place the scanner against the animal's body. Locations with less fur are good, such as the belly. Move the scanner to different locations until the computer reads "Body Field Detected." 
5. Once completed, click “Send Scan to Practitioner.”
6. Your practitioner will immediately get an email that they’ve received your scan.
7. You must purchase and begin your infoceuticals within 5 days of performing your scan.
Therefore, your health coach will email your infoceutical recommendations and invoice immediately after your consultation so you can start your program.
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