How do infoceuticals differ from miHealth?

The lnfoceuticals and miHealth interact with the body-field in different ways.
lnfoceuticals, designed for daily dosing, lay down a holographic picture of energetic information on all cells with each dose.

Over the course of a protocol, this holographic picture is 'imprinted' onto the body-field, and creates a memory of the perfect correction, stimulating the body's innate healing and detoxification systems.
In this process, many layers of the body-field are in a daily training process.

This daily training of the body-field by the lnfoceuticals activates many holistic and deeper corrections to address the root causes of symptoms, allopathic diagnoses, and disease patterns.

The miHealth integrates Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) and global scaling frequencies to deliver information digitally, in broadcast and on-body modes.

The miHealth rejuvenates the body-field, realigns energetic fields, and clears informational and energetic blockages, assisting in symptom relief and laying the groundwork for the lnfoceuticals to act more effectively.

The lnfoceuticals and miHealth are very synergistic and yet work independently in their actions and priorities. The miHealth prepares the body-field for optimum lnfoceutical action and provides symptom relief, while the lnfoceuticals work daily at the cellular level, correcting and repairing the deeper core factors of many health and wellness issues.

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