My NES Scanner is not working with Windows 10. What can I do?

Due to a recent update to Windows 10, there have been some issues with computers running Windows 10 failing to detect NES scanners upon plugging them in to a USB port.

If this occurs, please follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure all programs are closed.

  2. Plug scanner into USB port, unplug any other USB devices.

  3. Right-click on the start button (bottom-left of screen).

  4. Select ‘Device Manager’.

  5. For each of the items named ‘HID-compliant device’ or ‘USB Input Device’, right-click on the name and select ‘Uninstall’, then select ‘OK’.

  6. Close Device Manager.

  7. Unplug scanner.

  8. Plug the scanner in. The driver should be installed automatically. This may take a couple minutes.

  9. Open software, and the device should now be detected. 

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