How do I give infoceuticals to my pet?

Do not give infoceuticals to a pet without first consulting with a veterinarian as well as your NES Health practitioner. Animals are much more sensitive to infoceuticals than humans. 

Drops can be placed placed directly on the pet’s skin over the back by parting the pet's hair. Drops may not seem to be absorbed immediately. That’s okay; they are working energetically. It’s okay for the animal to lick the area after the drops have been applied. You can also drop the recommended dosage of infoceuticals on food immediately before the pet eats. The pet should consume all the food at one time to ensure that all drops are ingested. 

If there is a strong reaction to an infoceutical, stop giving to your pet and contact a veterinarian as well as your NES Health practitioner.


Oral dosing for horses:

Drops can be given orally via a dose syringe and can be mixed with other oral supplements.

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